Woven gives new life to old soul. Inspired by Hindustani musical philosophy, Ethiopian jazz, and the lush psychedelic tunes of the 60's, Woven's dynamic, uplifting sound leaves listeners with a mysterious, yet familiar feeling. Like a basket composed of a simple interlocking pattern of unique individual strands or a blanket which warms you in the dark of night, Woven transcends the sum of its parts to nourish life. 

"[Woven] is so off the hook it swam away and is now living in a deep sea vent where the scourge of humanity can never threaten its life again." -- Fan

It was on a muggy winter’s day in Kolkata that the collaboration between Krista Speroni & Alexander Kelly began to take form. The year was 2014, but the seed was sown the prior spring. It’s a story that begins at one of the premiere underground venues nestled in the heart of Honolulu's fish and vice district, Chinatown’s Ong King.
Krista had just returned to her hometown after studying brains at the Mass. Institute of Technology and fate would have it that she would be one of the early attendees of a night of art, storytelling, pole-dancing & music headlined by the 7-piece, afro-soul-infused Shama Thrush. Upon realizing their mutual adoration for early Motown, African rhythm & the ethereal, composition followed suit with a rhythmic vision in mind that would necessitate a full band. In 2015 Speroni and Kelly relocated to Boston to seek out the city’s deep musical and cultural roots. Krista’s former bandmates Otto Briner, Danbee (“Tauntaun”) Kim, & Price Smith were eagerly welcomed aboard the Woven wagon for a short tour to North Carolina & have since combined forces to realize a mutual vision of revitalized spiritual energy through song, dance, & and fresh juice.

Alex Kelly is a multi-instrumentalist and visual artist born in New Ulm, Minnesota. He received his BA in Music from the University of Hawaiʻi, while simultaneously delving into an extracurricular study of Hindustani music, focussing on the Sitar. In 2013 he travelled to India to conduct a research project concerning the Indian Slide Guitar under the tutelage of virtuoso Pandit Debashish Bhattarya. Eastern music philosophy, David Axelrod, Ethiopian and Nigerian jazz, and the lush psychedelic sounds of the 60's influence his stylings.

Woven often uses the joyful chuckles of Danbee "Tauntaun" Kim for compositional inspiration. Tauntaun is an activator, organizer and a general master of Fun. Her classical violin roots began as a small Korean child in the deep south of the bayou. Today she works actively with youth to enrich their lives through movement & creativity-based curricula, combining her passion for science and exploration with her love of the arts.

Krista Speroni is spunky modern nomad who grew up in rural Kauai and later went on to study brain and cognitive science at MIT. While she majored in the brain, Ms. Speroni's real passion in life is music. Her eclectic musical background has has brought her everywhere from funk bands to Balinese Gamelan; a constant challenge and great source of inspiration has been learning and teaching Senegalese Drumming (Sabar). She employs this vocation to inspire holistic living as an educator in order to nurture healthy communities. She is . Her songs are catchy, lyrically driven and ethereal.